Intuitive Vegetarian Cooking & Yoga Retreat Ibiza  

Intuitive Vegetarian Cooking and Yoga Retreat Ibiza


Intuitive Vegetarian Cooking & Yoga Retreat
From 31 October to 4 November 2012
by Lena Tancredi of Sunset Mountain Yoga Retreat & In Joy Catering

Did you already enjoy the
Yoga Retreat at Sunset Mountain Ibiza ?

Then you are aware of the outstanding cooking skils of the passionate Barbara Lua and Dana Luck from ’In Joy Catering’.  In Joy, devoted to create, and share, balanced meals based on the qualities of Beauty & Truth,
joyfully put together all the amazing vegetarian menus-with-love, and do all the preparations and cooking for the guests of yoga teacher Lena Tancredi who runs the famous
Ibiza Yoga Retreats.

Chard empanadasCardamon & cinnamon riceTomatoes with fresh cheese & oreganoPumpkin QuicheSpinach & Ricotta cheese

After having received many requests, Sunset Mountain Yoga Retreat and In Joy Catering (with the motto: Spread the Love and The Joy of Life ) together created the 5-day Intuitive Cooking & Yoga Retreat with a program to share some of their cooking secrets & basic rules that lead you to a varied vegetarian menu, rich of colors, flavours & textures and help you develop a creative vision and your own way of cooking.

You will learn about algae, beans, herbs & spices, grains, legumes, nuts & seeds and soya products. Barbara and Dana share some of their signatures dishes, and a few delicious deserts as In Joy guides you to healthy & magical medical and nutritional menus.


The Intuitive Vegetarian Cooking & Yoga Retreat includes:

Cooking classes & ingredients

- basics of vegetarian cooking
- nutritional explanation about the main ingredients:
- options for dealing with intolerances
- encouragement to develop your own way of cooking, to keep on
  experimenting and have fun cooking!

To open the heart and calm the mind, daily inspiring

- morning Yoga sessions

- evening meditations     

ofcourse the retreat also includes

- accommodation at beautiful Sunset Mountain Retreat
- breakfast, meals & water                                         
- WiFi                                                                       

Special night out to one of the most famous restaurants of Ibiza

Bring your best Halloween costume for one of the best parties of Ibiza:

at the legendary restaurant Bambuddha Grove Ibiza     


Eat, Dance & Love


 31st October to 4th November 2012


Double room: 550 Euros

  Triple room: 500 Euros

From this course you will not only gain recipes, but also a vision of
the magical world of creative cooking possibilities!

Roots mash with goats cheese & caramelized onionCarrot cabage & apricotQuinoa salad with yellow cherry tomatoes, green beans, peanuts & LOVESteamed Courgettes with parsley, sesame seeds, yellow tomatoes, pine nuts and chillies

BOOKING REQUEST, Intuitive Vegetarian Cooking & Yoga Retreat From 31 October to 4 November 2012

In Joy Catering

Barbara Lua & Dana Luck 
Lena Tancredi
invite you to their:

 Intuitive Vegetarian Cooking & Yoga Retreat
from 31 October to 4 November 2012